OPINION (CBN) – As the Left celebrates gay pride month with a push for the “Equality Act” to broaden anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people in the US, the Church is facing the threat of more negative consequences if it doesn’t get on board. But a former transgender man and former lesbian are speaking out, telling CBN’s “The Prayer Link” that it was going to a church and hearing biblical teaching that set them free. “The Bible says sin is fun for a season,” Janet Boynes, a former lesbian said on the program. “My life was taking a downward spiral, but the Lord was working on my heart.”

Boynes was in a same-sex relationship for 14 years before a chance encounter led her to Maple Grove Assembly of God in Maple Grove, Minnesota. “That’s where the Church assisted me and helped me come out of that lifestyle,” she said. Boynes now leads Janet Boynes Ministries International that focuses on ministering to individuals who have come out of the gay and lesbian lifestyle. “We want to assist them and help them and get them to the right counselor, get them involved with their church and talk with churches around the country as to how they can work with those that are struggling,” she said. READ MORE

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