OPINION (Charisma) – Netflix’s new season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina just came out, and kids are raving over it. But Tina Griffin—also known as the “Counter Culture Mom”—says this new, live-action show takes witchcraft to a whole new level. “We’re not talking about a one- or two-minute scene in a short program,” she says. “The entire theme of the program is about seances, black cats, magic, Wicca. We’ve

got Sabrina’s Sweet 16 party with the devil, Satan, showing up at her birthday party.” But it’s not just Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that’s glorifying witchcraft and glamorizing the devil. Griffin says Satan worship has infiltrated pop culture through music and social media too. She shares example after example of top celebrities who adhere to Satanism, wear occult clothing or brand themselves with Satanic symbols. But why are we seeing this sudden spike in Satan worship? CONTINUE

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