(WT) – A spokeswoman for Vermont Gov. Phil Scott says he will allow a sweeping no-limits abortion bill to become law, although it may do so without his signature. The pro-choice Republican governor has ruled out a veto of H. 57, meaning that he will either sign it or allow it to become law with no action, spokeswoman Rebecca Kelley told multiple Vermont news outlets this week. “It will become law,” Ms. Kelley told Local 22 and Local 44 News.

“We have not received the bill from the Legislature yet so that’s all I can confirm at this time.” The bill would give Vermont the most expansive abortion law in the nation, making abortion a “fundamental right,” allowing the procedure until birth, and forbidding state agencies from interfering with access to “reproductive health services.” “Governor Scott has always been pro-choice and he has said he will not veto the bill,” said Ms. Kelley. READ MORE

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