(CBN) – A tornado touched down near Tulsa International Airport early Tuesday morning causing minor damage nearby. Passengers were raced into shelters for about 30 minutes, but none were hurt. It’s just the latest impact from the severe weather that continues to blast the region from Texas to Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, spawning terrifying tornadoes and severe flooding. Dozens of tornadoes hit on Monday – two spinning side-by-side caught on video in Oklahoma – causing all kinds of damage and forcing residents to run for cover.

And with the tornadoes came flooding rains, destroying homes and property. Today the state of Kansas is under a flood watch. Emergency workers were out all night rescuing people from their homes and cars as flash flooding struck parts of Oklahoma. Some residents took shelter at churches. They all say they were surprised at how quickly the flood waters washed through. “I’ve never seen flooding like this. It’s all around my home. It’s coming into my garage. I’ve never seen it this bad,” one resident said. FULL REPORT

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