(Christian News Network) – A court of appeal in the United Kingdom has upheld a ruling that a nurse was not unfairly dismissed when she lost her job in 2016 over complaints that she was sharing her faith with patients. “The respondent employer did not have a blanket ban on religious speech at the workplace. What was considered to be inappropriate was for the claimant to initiate discussions about religion and for her to disobey a lawful instruction given to her by management,”

concluded the panel of Justices Gross, Singh and Haddon-Cave. “It is important that cases such as this should not become over-elaborate or excessively complicated,” wrote Justice Rabinder Singh. “The respondent conducted a fair procedure, by way of investigation, at the disciplinary hearing and at the subsequent appeal.” As previously reported, Sarah Kuteh, a Roman Catholic who has worked as a nurse for over 15 years, was accused of having “unwanted discussions” with patients at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, as well as violating conduct guidelines in regard to speaking about religion. READ MORE

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