OPINION (Charisma) – Pornography is an epidemic in the nation right now, and the church is no exception. A national survey reveals that 68% of men in the church watch porn on a regular basis. Around 40 years ago, you had to go to a store to buy pornography, but the internet and smartphones have made it much more accessible. That’s why Jeremy Wiles had a passion to put together a video project called the Conquer Series to combat this issue in the church.

So far, the Conquer Series has helped at least a million men walk away free from pornography addiction—and Jeremy says that’s a conservative number! Jeremy is a talented cinematographer, and you may know him from the various commercials and movies he has done. But in my opinion, the Conquer Series is one of his most impressive projects. With only $52,000, Jeremy created a video series so compelling that I was stunned at the quality. You can watch the trailer by clicking here. I interviewed Jeremy recently for my “In Depth With Stephen Strang” podcast. READ MORE

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