(DM) – Central Australia has been rocked by a 5.4 magnitude earthquake that could be felt from 350 kilometers away. A 4.3 magnitude aftershock struck just five hours later at 5 pm in the Northern Territory’s Tanami Desert on Thursday. The initial earthquake lasted for over a minute at 11:56 am on the same day. Willowra, a remote NT town, was the closest settlement to the earthquake – 100 kilometers away. Resident Tashiana Williams was relaxing at home when the earthquake struck. ‘It was rough and lasted


about a minute but the force knocked my fan over,’ she told NT News ‘I had no idea what was going on and I was scared ’cause I’ve never felt an earthquake before.’  Cattlewoman Anita McCarthy and her family felt the earthquake in Stirling Station, 150 kilometers east of Willowra.  ‘It was bizarre. I left the house to walk to the store and all of a sudden I heard this loud bang,’ she said.  ‘I thought it was a gas explosion or something. FULL REPORT

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