(FW) – A group of 141 Christians has been detained after gathering to worship and mark their Independence Day. According to British-based Christian persecution watchdog, Release International, the group was set upon by secret police in the latest in a series of crackdowns on the religious minority. “Eritrea has been branded ‘the North Korea of Africa,’” the charity noted in its report. “Tens of thousands have risked death from drowning to escape to Italy. Others have fled to Sudan or Ethiopia.

One in 12 has fled the country. And many of those are Christians.” “My name is Dawit. I am a Christian from Eritrea,” he said. “But now I am living in this refugee camp in Ethiopia. Eritrea is under a dictatorship. There is no law and no justice. When I was living in Eritrea I was arrested because of my Christian faith.” After spending a month in prison, Dawit said he was sent to a labor camp, where he was expected to work for no pay. “I was also detained for two weeks when I was tortured,” he said. READ MORE

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