OPINION (Charisma) – From Kansas to Pennsylvania, another round of tornadoes descended upon several states Tuesday afternoon and evening. A tornado touched down in Lawrence, Kansas, devastating several neighborhoods and sending about a dozen people to the hospital. The twister was said to be a mile wide and stayed on the ground for about two hours. Accuweather reports that residents in Lawrence, Kansas, saw major structural damage following a large tornado that hit the area late Tuesday afternoon.


The Kansas City International Airport moved customers to a shelter due to a severe weather threat facing Kansas City, Kansas. Debris picked up on the airfield caused operations staff to close the airport so foreign object damage would not affect aircraft. Another tornado hit Morgantown, Pennsylvania, damaging homes but causing no injuries. Residents in Morgantown are thanking God for protection during the tornado. WFMZ-TV reports resident Michele Kile saying, “We have severe window damage, roofs ripped off, trees on top of cars. No electric, no gas. No one was hurt, thank God.” READ MORE

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