(ACCUWEATHER) – After severe weather outbreaks hammered areas from Texas to Kansas and Missouri earlier this week, more severe weather will threaten these same areas in the days leading up to the Memorial Day holiday weekend. A tornado outbreak followed on Wednesday afternoon and night in northeastern Oklahoma and Missouri. One tornado killed three people in Golden City, Missouri. A large tornado also struck the capital city of Jefferson City, Missouri, producing extensive damage.

There have been no confirmed fatalities in Jefferson City at this time. Thursday is starting with a line of violent thunderstorms tracking across northern Ohio. While the severe weather threat in terms of damaging winds and tornadoes has waned in Missouri, repeating downpours are exacerbating the flooding near Springfield and Joplin. The seemingly endless threat for severe weather will return to the Plains later on Thursday, partially due to a large and persistent dip in the jet stream across the western United States. READ MORE

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