(Express) – California was rocked by a chain of earthquakes today, with a total of six detected on the US west coast today. The Pacific Ring of Fire has seen a total of 27 earthquakes today, ranging from magnitude-2.5 to a major 6.1. This region sees some 90 percent of the World’s seismic activity and 70 percent of the planet’s active volcanoes also reside there. California is particularly active, as it sits on a fault line, which

commonly sends shockwaves out into the state. Today, almost a fifth of the world’s total earthquakes were contained there. California saw a total of six earthquakes today, all low magnitude ranging from 2.5 to 3.3. Three earthquakes took place in the same area, 5 kilometers to the north-west of Cayucos. The light tremors were all contained underneath the Earth’s surface by 3 kilometers, meaning no-one was hurt. READ MORE

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