(France 24) – War drums are beating louder in Washington’s long-festering standoff with Iran and National Security Advisor John Bolton, a veteran champion of regime change, is the bandmaster. With his bushy mustache and beloved yellow legal pad, Bolton cuts a colorful figure at the White House. He’s also something of an oddity. President Donald Trump ran on the promise to pull the United States out of unwinnable post-9/11 wars — from Afghanistan to Syria —

that have consumed American lives and military budgets. That retreat remains one of Trump’s strongest points in his pitch to be the outsider president. But Bolton, in the most powerful government position he has ever held, is working in exactly the opposite direction. Iran is only the latest country in his crosshairs. At 70 and with a resume listing federal jobs back to the Ronald Reagan era, Bolton could easily have sidestepped into academia by now or continued taking paychecks from any number of think tanks. He’s worked with a bunch of them. READ MORE

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