OPINION (Express) – Asteroid Apophis threatens to slam into the Earth on the unlucky date of April 13, 2029, in order to fulfill a biblical prophecy of the end time, a Christian preacher has shockingly claimed. Militant Christians waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the end of the world fear an asteroid “deep impact” is coming. Paul Begley, an evangelical Christian preacher from West Lafayette in Indiana, US, warned an asteroid could hit the Earth as soon as 2029. Citing prophetic passages from

the Bible’s Book of Revelation, the firebrand preacher said the monstrous Asteroid Apophis matches biblical descriptions of the Apocalypse. Speaking online to his fervent followers, the preacher said Apophis could Earth on Friday 13 in 2029 or on its return date in 2036. Pastor Begley said: “Everybody calm down but are you ready for deep impact? Are you ready for a biblical impact that the Bible prophesied is going to happen? READ MORE


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