(CBN News) – The blaze that engulfed and destroyed a large part of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris has now been fully extinguished. The world watched in horror Monday as the cathedral went up in flames. Distraught Parisians gathered all around as the iconic structure glowed bright red and smoke filled the skies. Some bowed to pray in the streets as firefighters battled the blaze. “It was just heartbreaking to watch. The ladders were not tall enough.

The hoses were not strong enough,” said eye witness John Dickas in an interview with ABC News. The heat from the flames felt even on the opposite side of the river Seine. At the height of the fire, the cathedral spire that marked the Paris skyline, toppled from the intense flames. One witness posted this cell-phone video of a group of strangers gathered nearby the burning cathedral singing a prayer in French. READ MORE

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