OPINION (FW) – When it comes to reaching the millennial generation, narcissism could be the biggest obstacle, according to a panel of young ministry leaders who spoke at The Gospel Coalition’s 2019 conference on Monday. “This age is so hungry for authenticity and maybe it’s because we’re all fronts, we are all show, we’re all taking the selfie 17 times and putting the filter on it and getting it out there,” Australian evangelist Glen Scrivener said. Scrivener, along with three other young Christian leaders, sat on a panel called “Youth

Are Not the Future: The Urgent Task of Evangelism Today,” where they discussed the challenges in reaching the millennial generation. Scrivener, Cameron Cole, Jackie Hill Perry and Stephen Um shared their thoughts on what “idols” stop young people from becoming Christians. “Dear children, keep yourselves from idols,” reads the instruction from 1 John 5:21, and more challenging today than perhaps ever before. Often times we mistake idols for mere tangible items when in reality, they can be whatever consumes your thoughts. READ MORE

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