(Fox News) – An insect known as “kissing bug” has bitten a girl in Delaware in the state’s first confirmed case, health officials said last week. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said in a statement on April 19 that the child was bitten on the face in July 2018 as she watched television in her bedroom. The family lived in an older home near a heavily wooded area and hadn’t traveled outside of the local area. The bug was

identified as Triatoma sanguisuga, or kissing bug, an insect that can carry a deadly illness called Chagas, the agency said. The bloodsuckers spread the disease by biting humans, typically on the face, and then defecating near the wound. The disease can cause life-threatening heart issues, including heart disease, strokes, arrhythmias and cardiac arrest. While the girl didn’t get sick, the incident marks the first confirmed case of a kissing bug in Delaware, the CDC said. READ MORE

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