OPINION (Charisma) – Two of a woman’s strongest desires are to feel protected and loved. But her man’s pornography usage can threaten her ability to believe he is really trying to meet those needs. Dr. Doug Weiss, the founder of Heart to Heart Counseling Center and a featured expert in the Conquer Series that helps men overcome porn usage, explains the significance of a wife needing to feel protected. “She cannot feel that way if you are lusting after the women in your pornographic material.” He continues,

“When you were married, you promised her to love, cherish and be devoted to her until you died. By bringing other women—even if only on a computer screen—into your marriage, you are cheating on her, and you are crushing her spirit.” Dr. Weiss asks the question, “Which way is your sword pointing? Because what a man loves is what he protects.” He explains that if you take active steps to overcome your porn usage and maintain sobriety, your sword is aiming against the enemy and protecting those behind you: your wife and kids. READ MORE

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