OPINION (CBN News) – A man’s pornography addiction has devastating impacts on himself, his wife, and his family. Countless marriages and broken families have been a direct result of men’s porn usage. Unfortunately, porn is equally damaging to a single man. It can keep him single longer or prevent him from having a lasting relationship. A 2018 Gallup Poll revealed that the percentage of unmarried Americans (both male and female) who find porn morally acceptable increased 15 percentage points since 2017. That’s the largest increase among subgroups.

Sam Perry, an assistant professor of sociology and religious studies at the University of Oklahoma, noted, “Perhaps it’s not being unmarried that makes people more inclined to think porn is okay, but that the more people think pornography is just fine, the less likely they are to get married.” Perry cites two reasons viewing porn may lead single people to delay marriage. “Pornography could either make marriage seem like an outdated, boring institution. Or pornography (and specifically masturbating to pornography) could remove the ‘need’ to get married as the source where one can find sexual fulfillment.” READ MORE

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