OPINION (FW) – Christians all know Christ died for them on the cross. But a doctor here in Indianapolis who studied crucifixion for a decade says until you understand what Jesus went through medically, it’s hard to fully appreciate just how much He suffered to pay for the sins of mankind. “It was the worst form of death that was imaginable,” Dr. Joseph Bergeron, the author of “The Crucifixion of Jesus,” said. “And the

Romans had been using it for three centuries by the time Jesus came along, so it was well perfected.” Bergeron told CBN News, “Most often on Easter we hear talks about how Jesus suffocated while He was on the cross.” However, the doctor says suffocation doesn’t gel with the Gospel accounts of Jesus talking on the cross. “He talked to the Apostle John, for example. He spoke to the thieves who were crucified with Him. READ MORE

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