OPINION (Express) – NASA has warned a cataclysmic supervolcano eruption poses the biggest threat to mankind rather than an asteroid, according to reports. A NASA thought experiment called, Defending Human Civilisation From Supervolcanic Eruptions, stated that a supervolcano eruption was more likely to happen in the future than an asteroid hitting the earth, according to the Daily Star. It said: “Supervolcanic eruptions occur more frequently than a large asteroid or comet impacts that would have a similarly catastrophic

effect to human civilization.” Jet Propulsion Laboratory researchers found that collisions from asteroids which are more than 2km in diameter occurred “half as often as supervolcanic eruptions”. A supervolcano is classed as a volcano which is big enough to cause an eruption which could project more than 1000 km3 of material into the atmosphere. Yellowstone Caldera is classed as a supervolcano which erupted 60,000 years ago and again 60,000 years before that. READ MORE


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