OPINION (Charisma) – Did you know that there is no day or night in the spirit world? In fact, your spirit is always awake, even when your body is asleep. If you have ever awakened from a full night’s sleep feeling tired and as though you were in a war all night, you probably were! The truth is that what you may label as slumber could, in fact, be an opportunity for your spirit to engage with the spirit realm. Beyond that, it can be a time when the Creator of the universe, who cares deeply about your life, is wanting to speak to you. I propose that

we could all walk in greater revelation, understanding and supernatural strategy for our lives if we paid more attention to our dreams. After all, you spend about a third of your life asleep.God is the living Word, and He is always speaking—He doesn’t consider your sleep a waste of time and can use it to speak to you. Dreams from God, just like any other way that the Lord speaks to us, can be supernatural keys for unlocking miracles in our lives. The Lord often speaks to me in dreams, and last year, I had a dream that awakened me to the fact that some of the people I love were being pushed away by my own sense of accomplishment. READ MORE

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