OPINION (Charisma) – I was getting ready for my radio show on Monday when I spotted an announcement on the AskDrBrown YouTube channel. The entire channel—now, almost 1,600 videos—had been demonetized. By now, I’ve been used to the constantly changing standards of YouTube, not to mention the nonexistent customer service. I’m talking about YouTube approving a video one day that speaks out against abortion while telling me the next day that a generic video where I answer caller questions about the Bible is not

suitable for most advertisers. As I’ve written before, if it weren’t so ridiculous, it would be funny. And, to emphasize this once again, while YouTube/Google is a private company, it is obligated to abide by its guidelines and to enforce them in an even-handed and fair way. This, it has not done. So, what was the reason the company demonetized my entire channel, robbing our nonprofit ministry of income that goes straight back into our ministry work? READ MORE

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