OPINION (Charisma) – The demonic realm is real, and demons are looking for a body to host or an object in which to attach. In the Bible, we see examples of territorial spirits in Mark 5 who wanted to occupy a region. Familiar spirits know what is in our generational line and what we struggle with. They operate to keep the same negative patterns and habits repeatedly manifesting. Territorial spirits and familiar spirits can be in the atmosphere, attempting to inflict our souls and attach to objects. Spirits can attach to objects that are not of the Lord, have been cursed, or dedicated to a false god.

There are times we go through another territory or region, and we can feel the darkness. Additionally, there are also times we feel something is just not right. These are examples of how the demonic can infiltrate other places, and we are sensitive to it, and the Spirit makes us aware. It is similar to when we go into a church or home that has been prayed up and permeated with the presence of the Lord. We can feel an atmospheric shift, lightness and peace; that is how we want our homes to feel. It is wisdom to do a spiritual housecleaning and purge anything in our homes that could be instituting spiritual warfare on our behalf. READ MORE

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