OPINION (FaithWire) – A while back I was getting a lot of robocalls, so I found a feature on my phone that can block them. Before long I was blocking a lot of numbers. Then someone told me, “I called you five times. Why didn’t you answer the phone?” I was blocking people I actually wanted to hear from because I was getting messages from people I didn’t want to hear from. In some ways that’s like a lot of people when they hear that events in our world and in our culture today are signs of the times: “Oh, give me a break! I’ve

heard that before! They’ve been saying forever that Jesus is coming back, and nothing has really changed.” Actually, a lot of things have changed. I believe we’re living in the last days. Just look at the aggression of Russia on so many fronts recently and the provocative statements from President Vladimir Putin about their nuclear capabilities and a willingness to use them. Russia has developed a new intercontinental ballistic missile that can hit any target they choose. NATO calls it “Satan 2.” READ MORE


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