(Daily Mail) – Incredible drone footage shows a perfectly intact house surrounded by complete devastation after it narrowly missed being leveled by the deadly tornadoes that killed 23 people when it ripped through Alabama and parts of Georgia more than a week ago. The video was captured by photographer Matt Gillespie as his drone flew over Ellersie, Georgia. Gillespie shared the video on Facebook with the caption that it’s ‘insane that this house is still standing and thank God these residents are ok!’ The home appeared to be in the direct pathway of the storm, but it miraculously suffered little damage. In the


video, trees surrounding the two-story home are uprooted. The home did appear to have minor damage to the roof. Meanwhile, other nearby homes appeared to have far more damage and a few were completely destroyed. Gillespie said he was at his parents’ home when he captured the drone footage. ‘Prayers for everyone out there dealing with the damages and anyone who was hurt or worse. Parents house is fine except for all the downed trees, a missing chicken coupe, and debris. Lots of cleanup in store,’ he wrote on Facebook. READ MORE

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