OPINION (Express) – Biblical prophecy of the end times is unfolding in Israel as promises of the Third Temple in Jerusalem pave the way for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, a preacher has shockingly claimed. Bible experts believe the return of Christ will be preceded by the building of a Third Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Rumors of the Temple’s imminent construction have now sent conspiracy theorists into an apocalyptic frenzy. Some prominent doomsday preachers believe Donald Trump

advisor Jared Kushner is in the Middle East at this moment to secure a peace deal, which includes the building of the Third Temple. A vocal supporter of this biblical theory is Christian evangelist Paul Begley from West Lafayette in Indiana, US, who believes biblical prophecy is being fulfilled right before his eyes. According to the firebrand preacher, the Third Temple in Jerusalem will house the Messiah in the days of the biblical apocalypse. Pastor Begley said: “You know, the Third Temple looks like it is on the table of this Middle East peace deal. READ MORE


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