OPINION (Charisma) – CBN founder Pat Robertson says Americans need to pay attention to what God is doing in this hour. In an exclusive interview with Robertson for my new podcast, “In Depth With Stephen Strang,” I asked him what he sees happening spiritually in our culture. He told me the Lord is giving the nation a respite with Trump in office, but that doesn’t mean we can relax. Instead, we have to humble ourselves and seek Him now more than ever. If we don’t, we can expect swift judgment. “Steve, I think we’re on the precipice of something that could be not good, but bad,” he says.

“The Bible talks about ‘They broke the eternal covenant,’ and I think worldwide, people have broken the covenant with God. And there’s a wrath of God that’s kind of impending. But right now in America, God is giving us a respite. I think that what’s happening in the election we’re looking at—God’s going to give the Supreme Court, the lower courts, the United States Senate, the House of Representatives and the presidency into the hands of Donald Trump and the Republicans.” This opportunity may be the greatest one this generation has ever seen, Robertson explains, but there’s one catch: It’s conditional. READ MORE

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