(Independent) – Residents compared the scene to famous Himalayan hill towns like Shimla and Srinagar, while the accompanying lashing wind brought comparisons to Chicago. “I have not seen so many hailstones gather in seconds,” one Twitter user, Dr. Tirthali, wrote. “The noise was deafening.” “Those who went to Mukteshwar [Uttarakhand] or Kashmir to enjoy snowfall have wasted their money,” said Shikhar Sharma. “Delhi and NCR [National Capital Region] are having some fun.”

While even relatively light rains can bring Delhi’s roads to gridlock, the addition of hail and prolonged heavy downpour meant disruption extended to both flights and rail connections. At least 12 Delhi-bound trains were delayed by up to six hours, and dozens of flights destined for the capital were redirected to nearby cities during the worst of the storm, between 6 pm and 8 pm. READ MORE

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