(The Sun) – Mystery booming sounds have been shaking houses and terrifying residents after “flashes of light” were spotted across America. Experts have been left baffled by a spate of seismic booms from Arizona to New York that appear to have gathered pace over the past week. The string of phenomena was first reported last Thursday morning when locals in three separate Tennessee counties reported hearing loud booming noises. On the same day, North Carolinians contacted police reporting unexplained loud blasts and

booms that kept them awake at night. Two homeowners said the booms were so powerful that they briefly lost power as a result of the tremors, Mysterious Universe reported. Mary Buck told The Sun Online: “There was a loud boom heard in Gum Spring, Virginia, on Wednesday, February 7 around 7 pm. “My neighbors and I heard it. We live close to interstate 64 so we just assumed something happened but there were no reported incidents. “It sounded like an explosion. Could be related to other ‘mysterious boom’ noises reported?” READ MORE


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