(USA Today) – Amazon acquired another startup this week, the maker of the beloved tech product Eero, a mesh router that improves dead Wi-Fi spots in the home. To that, you might have said, OK, so? Sure, it’s just another purchase by the world’s largest online retailer. But, more importantly, it’s an indication of how Amazon wants to go further than just making our homes “smart.” It wants to turn our dwellings into the “Amazon Home.” Think about it for a minute. Your guests are greeted at the door with a video doorbell from Ring,

a company Amazon bought in 2018. They enter a living room where an Amazon Echo speaker plays music as it waits for voice commands. Then they head to the kitchen, where an Amazon microwave heats up dinner – made from food bought at Amazon-owned Whole Foods, naturally – as you turn down the volume on the Amazon Fire TV Edition television. You ask Alexa to dim the smart lights, using the one smart product in the home not owned by Amazon (yet), the Hue system by Philips N.V. READ MORE

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