(CBN News) – A rare lunar eclipse entitled the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” will appear across the world, including the US, this Sunday. According to NASA, The event will last about four hours, beginning at 9:36 pm ET Sunday, Jan. 20 and ending about 1:50 am ET Monday, Jan. 21. The beginning of the total eclipse phase starts at 11:41 pm ET, lasting 62 minutes. According to CBS News, the unusual name for this lunar eclipse comes from the three events happening at once:

“Super Moon” – a full moon that appears bigger than normal because it’s at its closest point to Earth during its orbit. “Wolf Moon” – a Native American term used to describe the first full moon of the year. “Blood Moon” – the moon appears to be reddish in color during a total lunar eclipse as the sun, Earth and moon all line up. In recent years, a number of blood moons have captured global attention, causing some to speculate about a possible connection to prophecy and the End Times. READ MORE