(CP) – The European Court of Human Rights ruled against a Christian homeschool family whose children were removed from the home and forced into a government-approved education program. Europe’s top human rights court ruled Thursday in the case of Wunderlich v. Germany that German authorities did not violate the rights of the Wunderlich family when over two dozen government agents forcibly removed their four children from the home in Darmstadt in August 2013. At least 33 police officers and seven youth welfare officers stormed the

Wunderlich home because the family was choosing to homeschool their children despite knowing that it has been outlawed in Germany since 1918. The family wanted their children to be educated in an environment compatible with the parents’ religious convictions.  Wunderlich previously said that authorities were contacted by a neighbor who alleged that he said he would rather kill his children than send them to school. Wunderlich has denied those accusations. READ MORE