(CP) – One of the nation’s leading atheist legal groups has sent a warning to over 1,000 public school districts telling them not to take field trips to Answers in Genesis’ creationist attractions in Kentucky. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, which claims 31,000 members across the U.S., announced Tuesday that it contacted school districts in five states warning them that field trips to the Ark Encounter or the Creation Museum would be a violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment

Clause. “Public schools and public school staff may not constitutionally organize trips to the Ark Encounter or the Creation Museum or any other religious venue,” a letter from the nonprofit’s co-founders to schools reads. Although the organization previously pressured schools not to organize field trips to either of the Answers in Genesis venues in 2016, FFRF felt the need to send the latest round of warning letters because, it says, Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham continues “to encourage public schools to plan field trips” to the venues. READ MORE