(Behold Israel) – Turkey reportedly deployed forces to its border with northern Syria near an area controlled by Kurdish forces on Saturday, days after its president announced military efforts to remove remaining ISIS and YPG factions from the region. Arab reports claim tanks and soldiers were deployed on Saturday evening following confirmation from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Turkey would delay an offensive on YPG forces as the United States withdraws from Syria.

President Trump announced last week that the United States will withdraw its over 2,000 soldiers from Syria, the President reporting his Administration’s plans to also withdraw half of US troops from Afghanistan. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned on Thursday citing his disapproval of the withdrawal from Syria. Erdogan reportedly spoke with Trump centered on Syria over the weekend and assured him that Turkey would finish destroying remaining ISIS factions in Syria. Details of their call were not released to the public, but a White House official claimed Erdogan gave Trump his word. READ MORE