(Sputnik) – The predictions do not seem to be far-fetched in light of recent assessments of the seismic activity in the mammoth Ring of Fire zone offered by the relevant UN agency. A number of Rabbis took note of the Ring of Fire’s spate of recent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and warned that these could notably be a sign of Apocalypse as it is foreseen in Hebrew texts. The Ring of Fire, an area of high seismic activity that covers large swathes of land from New Zealand all the way to northern Russia,

as well as from the US down to Chile, is no new to deadly natural phenomena, with the latest one, a tsunami, severely hitting Indonesia just recently. The disaster, linked to the eruption of the Krakatoa volcano, led to as many as 222 deaths. Interestingly, all but three of the world’s 25 most massive volcanic eruptions occurred along the perimeter of the Ring of Fire, and even more disasters may be coming along, as according to a tweet by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, the troubled area is “active.” To prove the point, the agency brought up the recent massive earthquake that had shattered Alaska and led to an across-the-board tsunami warning. READ MORE