(Todd Starnes) – A professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato has accused Almighty God of sexually assaulting Mary. “The virgin birth is about an all-knowing, all-powerful deity impregnating a human teen,” Dr. Eric Sprankle wrote on Twitter. “There is no definition of consent that would include that scenario. Happy Holidays. Sprankle, who teaches psychology at the taxpayer-funded school, is also a sex therapist. Clearly, he is not a theologian.

“Dr. Sprankle’s comments are nothing but blasphemous babble from a liberal who is completely ignorant of the Bible,” Dr. Robert Jeffress told Starnes Country. Jeffress, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas and a Fox News contributor, said the Gospel of Luke records Mary’s hymn of praise thanking God for choosing her to give birth to the Messiah. “Furthermore, a sovereign God doesn’t need ‘consent’ from any of us for anything He chooses to do,” Jeffress said. READ MORE