(CBN News) – Actress Leah Remini has not been able to escape the critical eye of the Church of Scientology, even five years after leaving. Remini, now hosting the third season of her Emmy-winning A&E show “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath,” claims private investigators from the church continue to stalk her. “It’s just insanity,” Remini, 48, told the New York Post of the retaliation.

“They have [private eyes] following our cameramen and our editors. They’re not used to that kind of thing, especially from a place calling itself a church.” The harassment has also cost Remini some jobs, she said. “I’ve been told by my agent and manager that people don’t want to pay me to sponsor or endorse something because they’re scared of Scientology retribution,” she said in the interview. READ MORE