(FaithWire) – Actor Fred Armisen portrayed Jesus on a new episode of comedian Sarah Silverman’s Hulu show, “I Love You, America,” and it is incredibly bizarre. In the cringeworthy skit, Armisen’s portrayal of Jesus has no issue talking about liberal politics, cursing and discussing his sexuality — his pansexual orientation, to be specific. Armisen’s comments about sexuality came up after Silverman called him “cute” and said she wished Jesus wasn’t “like celibate or asexual.”

“Actually, I’m not. I’m essentially pansexual,” Armisen’s character replied. “I love everyone and everything. In fact, I had mind-blowing sex with an oak tree the other day. … Everyone is my type. I’m literally attracted to everyone.” Then earlier in the segment, Armisen’s Jesus talked about his testicles, explaining, “Instead of being filled with semen, they’re filled with clouds… [Ejaculation] is actually quite painful.” READ MORE