(Sentinel-Standard) For the past two years, Montcalm Community College has been hosting the annual Montcalm County Pastors Appreciation Lunch. But the 2018 version of the event, scheduled for Thursday, has been abruptly canceled, due to complaints from a member of an atheist organization, who claimed the lunch would have violated the constitutional separation of church and state. “The 2018 Montcalm County Pastor Appreciation Lunch scheduled for Oct. 11 at Montcalm Community College’s Greenville campus

has been canceled due to concerns expressed by an outside organization,” the college wrote in a Tuesday press release. “The college has always considered this event, true to its origins, as a community service event designed to facilitate improved access to resources offered to the community by the college, Montcalm County and other local service agencies, as opposed to an event advancing, supporting or otherwise impermissibly involving religion. READ MORE