(By Joseph Mattera) I realize that some of my posts will not win the Dale Carnegie award that wins friends and influences people (at least the ‘win friends’ part). This is one of those posts. People often ask me how I write, and I tell them that I sense a prophetic download or witness in my spirit on what to write, and I just spontaneously write without often knowing detail of what I am going to say until my hand taps the computer; hence, I am not merely writing posts based on current events to get the most hits.

I write based on what I sense the Lord has laid upon my heart—whether or not it is popular, because I always endeavor to write to an audience of one. One more thing—lest someone who reads this thinks I am an extreme Arminian (who thinks believers can be saved and lost every day based on their walk) think again—I write this as one who considers himself a “soft” Calvinist (although I refuse to wear a particular doctrine or denomination on my shirtsleeves except the lordship of Christ overall) when it comes to soteriology and or individual salvation. (How the following can fit in a so-called Calvinistic system is for another article, not this brief missive.) READ MORE