A Virginia man has launched an online “church” for those who like to play video games, called “GodSquad Church.” He says that if Jesus were walking the earth today, he would be on Twitch playing games in order to evangelize gamers, a remark that some say is a misapplication of the Scriptures. “[Jesus] always went to where the people were at,” Matt Souza, 27, recently told The Washington Post. “One of the huge [mediums] of how to meet people today is through video games,

and I believe 100 percent that … if Jesus were here walking on the earth, he’d be gaming with people because he knows that’s where the people are at.” “He’d be on Twitch 100 percent, and he’d be the greatest streamer of all time!” he claimed. Souza said that he has been a gamer from his youth, playing for seven hours straight after finishing his homework, and continuing to play games while attending Bible college and later working as a pastor’s assistant, spending his evenings and weekends in front of the screen. He outlined that he tried to keep his obsession quiet. READ MORE