The aftermath of Hurricane Florence is continuing into a second week with at least 17 dead and hundreds of thousands without power. The fallout from the slow-moving storm is massive, and it’s far from over as it creeps along, dumping incredible amounts of water on the region. Now downgraded to a tropical depression, the remnants of Hurricane Florence are still lashing the Carolinas with flooding rains. Norman Bryson, director of emergency services for Onslow County, said, “What we’re dealing with

is probably the most catastrophic disaster that this county has seen in the last 50 or 60 years.”
The powerful storm and heavy rain have left more than 500,000 in the dark and prompted hundreds of water rescues, including 455 people rescued in the city of New Bern alone. The city of Wilmington, North Carolina has been completely cut off from the rest of the state by flooding. Firefighters there prayed outside the scene where a mother and her eight-month-old were killed when a tree crashed into their home Friday. The injured father was taken to the hospital. READ MORE