(By Wanda Alger) At a time when many are facing intense spiritual battles and confrontations with demonic strongholds, we must remember where our ultimate destiny is. Whether it’s warring on behalf of our nation or battling a spiritual enemy at home, the Lord wants to remind us of our greater call. We were created to live in the palace, not on the battlefield. God has equipped us as believers to be effective prayer warriors in battle. Our armor protects and guards us from the evil one (Eph 6:17). Our weapon of choice is the

sword of the Spirit, and it has the power to vanquish every foe (Heb 4:12). Even so, if we focus all our attention on the warfare at hand and the battles raging around us, we may forget our higher position and role in the kingdom. We are sons and daughters of the King who have a birthright to the throne. Though there will be times of war and resisting the enemy, we must keep our eyes on the palace, where our inheritance waits. Warriors do not get an inheritance, but sons and daughters do. The adversary will do all he can to keep us distracted by picking all sorts of unnecessary fights. READ MORE