A space observatory was evacuated and placed on lockdown by the FBI, sparking claims they may have stumbled across alien life. Employees from the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, were told to leave as agents rushed to the research center last Thursday. The building remains on lockdown, surrounded with yellow tape, as no timeframe has been given to local police for it to re-open. A post office nearby was also cleared out and employees have been transferred to another branch. And no one has given an explanation why.


“We have temporarily vacated this facility as a precautionary measure,” a spokeswoman for the Association for Universities for Research in Astronomy said. “We’re working with the proper authorities on this issue.” But Tyler Glockner, who runs YouTube conspiracy channel secureteam10, thinks astronomers in the observatory spotted something the government did not like. He speculated, while taking images of the sun, they may have come across a secret military project or even extraterrestrial life. Tyler went on to add that the FBI would have been brought in to remove any evidence of this. READ MORE