While no final decision has yet been made, a top US general says he’s involved in “routine dialogue” with Donald Trump to keep him informed about “military options” for retaliation in case “chemical weapons are used” in Syria. “We are in a dialogue, a routine dialogue, with the president to make sure he knows where we are with regard to planning in the event that chemical weapons are used,” Marine General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Saturday.

“He expects us to have military options and we have provided updates to him on the development of those military options.” Fears of a looming ‘chemical incident’ in Syria have intensified recently, as the Syrian government closes in on Islamist militants’ last major stronghold in Idlib province. Russia, for over a month, has been warning that the terrorists, cornered and desperate, are preparing a false-flag attack to frame Damascus and trigger a US-coalition intervention. READ MORE