A robot sex doll shop is slated to open this month in the fourth largest city in the United States, even though its mayor says it is unwanted. Houston’s mayor Sylvester Turner is exploring legal options to “restrict or regulate” KinkySdollS, which would reportedly be the first doll brothel of its kind, Fox News reported Tuesday. The owner of the outfit, Yuval Gavriel, maintains his business is a “showroom” and not a brothel, where customers can come and rent the merchandise before buying.

Gavriel intends to open 10 locations across the country by 2020. “This is not the kind of business I would like to see in Houston and certainly this is not the kind of business the City is seeking to attract,” Turner said in an email to the outlet, noting that “the city is currently reviewing existing ordinances that may restrict or regulate such businesses as well as looking to upgrade our ordinances to cover these type of businesses.” READ MORE