It’s been years since former megachurch pastor Francis Chan addressed the body of Christ through a mass-produced book. Yet as the state of the church changed, people drifted in and out and to and from congregations, and Chan felt the Holy Spirit prompting him to pick up his pen once more. In Letters to the Church, which released Sept. 1, Chan challenges his contemporaries to embrace the hard, authentic journey of committing to Christ. He spoke with Charisma News earlier this year about his new book and more. Below is Part 1 of the interview.

Why write this book now? I was hesitant for a few years to share too much of what I was doing because I felt like people just cared too much about what [I was saying and doing]. As a lot of people know, I don’t do a lot of interviews, I try to stay out of the public eye, and some of that was I just felt like we were at a time when people are talking too much about writers and speakers, “What’s this guy doing?” “What’s this woman doing?” And not enough focus on just them being alone with God and seeking Him. And there’s the other side of I tried different things, [and] I don’t want to say, “Oh you gotta do this, you have to do that.” READ MORE