Kayla Stoecklein, widow of late Inland Hills Church Lead Pastor Andrew Stoecklein, who died after attempting suicide at his church last month, says she is confident her husband is in Heaven despite the enduring “myth” that suicide victims are condemned to Hell. “This is a common misbelief about suicide and it breaks my heart. I’ll be the first to admit prior to Andrew’s death I may have actually believed it to

be true,” Kayla, 29, wrote on her family’s God’s Got This blog Tuesday. “I remember leaning over to my mother in law, Carol, in the hospital room as my husband lay there dying, whispering through my tears, ‘Will he go to heaven?’ She quickly reassured me, as I am confident now: whether you are accepted into heaven or not has nothing to do with how you die. The only way we are accepted into heaven is through a personal relationship with Jesus,” she said. CONTINUE