(By Gary Curtis) In Matthew 24, Jesus was with his closest disciples on the Mount of Olives, across the small Kidron Valley, to the east of the temple and the old city of Jerusalem. The disciples took advantage of this private “face time” with their Teacher to ask some important questions about prophetic signs of the times, His messianic rule and the end of this age (v. 3). The prophets had written about these future seasons and events,

but the topics were often interwoven and the timing of the events was not easily discerned. This was compounded by the fact that most predictive prophecy can have a near picture as well as a future fulfillment potential. Jesus warned them that, in the last days, deception will run rampant, and imposters will claim to be the Messiah. In addition to this religious deception, social and political upheaval, natural calamities, disloyalty, and religious and ethnic persecution will rise and fall as precursors of the actual end times. FULL STORY