Hurricane Florence is closing in on the Carolinas Thursday morning as more than 10 million people brace for the worst. On one level, prayers have been answered as the storm’s wind speeds have decreased from catastrophic Category 4 winds of 140 mph down to Category 2 winds of 110 mph. But it’s still very dangerous. WeatherBELL’s Joe Bastardi tells CBN News the storm’s wind field has expanded, meaning a 200-mile stretch of the coast will experience hurricane-force winds.

“There’s no backing down on the magnitude of this storm in relation to where it’s going to hit,” Bastardi said. And there’s still the problem of deadly storm surge. “A life-threatening storm surge is now highly likely along portions of the coastlines of South Carolina and North Carolina,” the National Hurricane Center explains. “Life-threatening, catastrophic flash flooding and prolonged significant river flooding are likely over portions of the Carolinas and the southern and central Appalachians.” READ MORE